At Roseburg Junior Academy, we believe in K-8 excellence and we are committed to providing a quality education for all our students. We believe that all students are unique and incredible and we can’t wait to work with you on your academic journey. All of our subjects are taught using differentiated instruction to help students achieve their best and to cultivate a love of learning. The 2017-2018 school year has been an amazing experience filled with exciting educational opportunities and awesome students! We have been blessed to have a new music program which has included choir, hand bells and chimes. As part of our new program, students were able to perform music in all four of our constituent churches (Winston SDA Church, Glide SDA Church, Roseburg SDA Church, and TurningPoint SDA Church). It was incredible to watch the musical abilities of these students grow. We had a student-led Week of Prayer. Students chose to stand up in front of the school and share their personal experiences and love of Jesus. We had frog and shark dissections. We’ve learned about the Rainforest in the Kindergarten class. We have a 3D printer and Lego Robotics that will continue to grow next year. Students are performing and public speaking and spending time together as a growing community. One student even told me that they love coming to RJA because everyone at the school is their friend. These students are amazing leaders!

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Thank you!

Jeff Jackson